Sleep Object (for Austin)

I was asked by Austin to create something that would help him sleep better,

I wanted to create something that was specifically tailored for him – and in his case he was having trouble with nightmares that were waking him up/keeping him awake.

I used a combination of dried cotton, dried eucalyptus, dried cherry wood, hemp, metal, and aluminum wire.

Austin’s room is prone to mold and moisture retention, so it was important to not use any kind of floral foam or fresh flowers in this composition because it would mold, and not be something that is long lasting.

The end product for Austin was a tall, loose floral sculpture with whimsical qualities and a combination of natural (plants) / unnatural (metals) elements to encourage sleep and positive, creative dreams that will hold its shape and act as a sleep object.

Best viewed in bed, looking up.

Viewed in indirect, bright light.
Night view, with shadows.

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