For Kyle

Kyle reached out to me via Instagram and asked for a commissioned piece, and gave me the freedom to do anything that I wanted to do.

I imagined that doing something with complete freedom would be great. I thought I would be able to sit down and get a designed pushed out in a week, no problem. I figured I would be able to sit down with the canvas and just have the vision of what exactly I was going to do.


However, I soon realized that while complete freedom is nice, it is challenging to focus the brain and design something that accurately reflects who I am as an artist and person.

I painted the canvas black, then painted a design, then painted it back to black, then painted a different design, just to paint it black again. This process went on for a month before I reached the paint design that I felt happy with.

After painting the canvas, I used tape to create a design. Then removed the tape and taped a new design, and went through the same back and forth process.

I then added the wire and secured it with adhesive so that it would not get damaged in the shipment process.

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