How Long Must I Wait? Why Is It Like This?

2 feet x 1 foot / 61cm x 30cm
Wood and Acrylic painting

There is a feeling I cannot name.

I want to be free, and there is something that is holding me back.

I play my instruments louder and louder, and get closer and closer.

I paint and can almost see it on the canvas.


The feeling of running when your legs are about to give out.

The feeling of the fall after knowing you have tripped on the concrete.

The feeling of swimming.


Half-way free.


How Long Must I Wait? Why Is It Like This? 2020 wood and acrylic painting

Detail of HLMIW?WIILT?


The process of this – I drew what I thought I could see in my head on a piece of paper. After the initial rounds of sketching – I painted the wood white multiple times to evenly cover the surface.

I used as plastic nursery pot to paint on the yellow circle.

I then hand-mixed my own paint to get the deep red/rusted orange color and painted the original sketch free-hand onto the wood. I mixed my own grey and then started doing detailing work with the grey and white. I finished with black paint and lettering.

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