destruction ii

destruction ii by Vincent Distrola



video: hyperlapse video of destruction ii from 7pm to 9pm

destruction ii is a dynamic sculpture that changes and moves with the setting sun and rising moon. destruction ii challenges to think about the objects in our home that we consider static, and how to start to change this narrative. Instead of forcing objects and art to move with us, how can we start to move with them?

destruction ii at night (L) versus the day (R). destruction ii challenges us to think about how to think about the things in our home as dynamic versus static.

This piece was made with layered paper-mache, which was then painted with acrylic Liquitex paint. After painting, I then used a drill to install the battery operated lights, and placed the lights in the sculpture. I secured them with hot glue, and painted any exposed wire white to give it the allusion that it is “hidden” until night when the sculpture comes to life.

detail 1
detail 2
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